Index to My Pictures of Japan

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The trip across the Pacific (approximate download time: 42 seconds)
Walking around Tokyo (approximate download time: 24 seconds)
Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo's Asukusa Neighborhood (approximate download time: 83 seconds)
Getting to Kyoto: the bullet train ride from Tokyo, remarkable Kyoto Station (approximate download time: 70 seconds)
Impressions of Kyoto: buildings and neighborhoods (approximate download time: 100 seconds)
A walk along the Philosopher's Path in eastern Kyoto (approximate download time: 116 seconds)
Our fabulous Kyodo-Ryori lunch along the way (approximate download time: 87 seconds)
Sights near the Nanzenji Temple on the south end of the Philosopher's Path (approximate download time: 121 seconds)
The Kyoto Imperial Palace (approximate download time: 87 seconds)
Nara: Japan's (other) ancient capital (approximate download time: 95 seconds)
Out all-you-can-eat sushi lunch in Nara (approximate download time: 23 seconds)
The deer of Nara (approximate download time: 74 seconds)
Todai-ji Temple in Nara, with its giant Buddha statue (approximate download time: 133 seconds)
Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto (approximate download time: 111 seconds)
Our incredible Kaiseki lunch in Kyoto's Gion neighborhood (approximate download time: 39 seconds)
Nijo Castle in Kyoto (approximate download time: 130 seconds)