The Philosopher's Path is a pretty long walk. We got very hungry when we were nearly done with the walk, and saw this restaurant along the way. Notice the carp swimming in the pond in front of the restaurant.
The garden of the restaurant had this very pretty frog sculpture.
We took off our shoes at the front door, and went into the restaurant. We sat on pillows on the floor, which was covered with tatami mats.

It turned out that the restaurant specialized in vegetarian Kyodo-Ryori cuisine. They bring a big pot of tofu, which cooks at your table, and numerous side dishes.

The tofu was silky, the best I've ever eaten. You take a piece out of the pot and put it in the bowl of thin brown sauce.The tempura Felice is eating was the best I had anywhere in Japan. It had a slight lemony taste that was really tasty.
We were a happy pair after the meal!
Wall decoration at the restaurant..
They like you to put on special slippers when you go to the toilet in a fancy restaurant in Japan.