Hey, Ubaldo!

Ubaldo and Loquo Loquo.com

We met Ubaldo around lunchtime on a beautiful, sunny day. Here is Ubaldo with his creation, loquo.com, a web site.

loquo.com is roughly equivalent to Craig's List, a famous web site in the San Francisco Bay Area. loquo.com comes in three tasty flavors: Spanish, Catalan, and English.

David and Ubaldo David and Chris

Me and Ubaldo in his apartment.

Me and Chris in Ubaldo's apartment.

Museum Art Shot

After a nice lunch in a local Catalan restaurant, Ubaldo took us on a walk around his neighborhood, the Raval district. This is a museum near his place.

My attempt at an art shot...


A pretty tile on on of the public buildings in the Raval.

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