Gaudi's Sagrada Familia

Arches Spires

The walking tour of Sagrada Familia is divided into three parts. You enter the church through the side of the church called the Passion Facade, which depicts the passion and crucifixion. Then you walk through the interior of the church, which is under construction. The entrance on the other side, called the Nativity Facade, depicts the nativity. Above, arches in front of the Passion Facade.

The church's spires on the Passion Facade.

Doors Sculpture

The doors on the Passion Facade are particularly beautiful.

Sculpture, Passion Facade.

Sculpture Crucifixion

Another sculpture on the Passion Facade.

Depiction of the crucifixion on the Passion Facade.

Interior Nativity Facade

Walking through the interior of the church, you can see the construction, still ongoing after more than 100 years.

Spires on the Natvitiy Facade.

Nativity Facade Rooster

A good view of most of the Nativity Facade.

Rooster detail on the Nativity Facade.

Turtle Me With Turtle

A turtle sits at the base of this pillar holding up the church.

Me, with the turtle.

Three Wise Men Nativity

The three wise men.

The nativity scene.

Exterior Wall Construction Spires

You can also see construction going on on the exterior walls.

At the very end of our walk through, we took a construction elevator halfway up the church. From our perch, we got a good view of the spires on the Nativity Facade.

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