Our House near Vagliagli

Tuscan countryside at dusk Tuscan countryside - daytime

View at sundown from our house's deck on our first night in Vagliagli.

Daytime view from off the deck.

Jeff on the deck Me on the deck

Jeff hanging out on the deck.

Me on the deck. I bought the cool NYPD t-shirt during our connection at Newark airport on the way over.

Me on deck Jeff at back of house

Another picture of me on the deck.

Jeff at the back of the house.

Me taking pictures

Jeff took this one of me while I was photographing the back of the house and the surrounding hillside.

Hillside view Back of the house

View of the surrounding hillside, with olive trees and grapevines, taken from the deck.

Another view of the back of our pretty stone Tuscan house.

Swimming pool Kitchen

The house had a swimming pool, which we could share with the people who rented the downstairs flat. We didn't - it was just a little to cool to swim.

The kitchen, rather nicely equipped. We made breakfast every morning and had several dinners in the house. It was nice not to have to go to restaurants for every single meal.

Living room Breakfast

Our comfortable living room - a lot nicer place to hang out than a hotel room.

Breakfast the first morning in Tuscany. The fresh figs were a gift from our host Giovanni, who has a few fig trees on the property. They were delicious!

Breakfast Vineyards

Another photo of the same yummy breakfast.

Close ups of Giovanni's grapevines...

Olive tree Olive tree close up

...and an olive tree...

...and actual olives growing on the tree. I was fascinated as I had never seen an olive tree up close. They are not edible when picked right off the tree; they have to be cured first.

Steve at breakfast, last day Steve and Jeff

Ben made us a great send off breakfast on Friday before we headed for Rome, and I took some photos that morning. This is Ben's friend Steve at breakfast.

Jeff with Steve.

The chef Ben and Jeff

The chef at work.

Jeff and Ben.

Ben, Jeff, and Steve Ben and Steve

Ben, Jeff and Steve dig in to homemade sheep's cheese, asparagus frittata, and blood sausage.

Ben and Steve.

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