Day Trip to Siena: a walk up the Torre del Mangia in the Palazzo Publico

Entrance ticket Piazza del Campo 1

The entrance ticket got us in to the museum in the Palazzo Publico and let us climb up the Torre del Mangia. The museum contains interesting art, especially the "Allegory of Good Government" and "The Allegory of Bad Government," which are painted on the legislative chamber's walls.

I stopped just a few steps into the 300-step climb to take photos of the buildings along the Piazza del Campo. I'd like to merge this picture and the next three to come up with a long, horizontal photo of the Piazza del Campo.

Piazza del Campo 2 Piazza del Campo 3

Second photo of buildings around the Piazza del Campo.

Third photo of buildings around the Piazza del Campo.

Piazza del Campo 4 Jeff

Fourth photo of buildings around the Piazza del Campo.

Jeff, just starting the climb.

Me Jeff

Me, just starting the climb.

Jeff, on the way up.

View from midway up Siena, from atop the tower

A view from midway up.

Siena and Tuscany, from atop the tower.

Duomo Siena from above

The Duomo, from atop the tower. The two are very close to one another, perhaps a quarter mile apart.

Siena, from atop the tower.

Scary steps Siena from above

It's hard for a kid to make it down such big, narrow steps.

Another shot of Siena from above.

Piazza and fountain Jeff at the top

A view of the Piazza del Campo and Fonte Gaia from atop the tower.

A view of Jeff from atop the tower.

Jeff and I Quebecois

A couple from Quebec was kind enough to take Jeff and my picture at the top of the tower. we returned her and her husband the favor.

Piazza del Campo Piazza del Campo

More views of the Piazza del Campo. The top of the tower had one of those views where you just wanted to take picure after picture after picture.

More of the same...

Piazza del Campo Going down

And still one more.

The narrow but high stairs are particular difficult for a child to manage.

Piazza Publico walls

Finally, a shot of the Palazzo Publico's beautiful outside walls, taken from close to the bottom of the Torre del Mangia.

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