Inside the Siena Duomo (Cathedral)

Duomo floor detail Duomo floor detail

Pavement design in the Siena Duomo near the entrance. The Sienese have their own version of the Romulus and Remus story, depicted in this panel.

Another work of art etched in marble in the floor.

Duomo interior Wheel of fortune

The grand interior of the Duomo. The striped marble walls and columns mimic the Duomo's exterior design.

The wheel of fortune depicts various states that can befall a person in the course of a lifetime.

Dome with stars Altar seats

I liked the dome, painted over with stars.

The seats around the altar, probably used for choir members, were beautiful, each one custom carved and painted, each a work of art unto itself.

Altar Masterpiece

The altar, designed by the artist Baldassare Peruzzi.

Each of the many side altars contains a massive fresco such as this one. The lavishness of the art inside Siena Duomo is overwhelming.

Duomo from altar Carving

Another view of Siena Duomo, this one taken from the altar.

Typical of the incredible treasures displayed throughout the Duomo was this fantastic carving.

Carving detail Piccolomini Library

A close up view of the same carved piece.

A side exit takes you to the Piccolomini Library, a smallish room decorated entirely in frescos by the artist Pinturrichio. The frescoes tell the life story of Pius II, a Sienese who became Pope. The sculpture in this photo, the Three Graces, is from the 3rd century.

Piccolomini Library Piccolomini Library Ceiling

More of the frescoes in the Piccolomini Library.

The ceiling in the Piccolomini Library is particularly beautiful.

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