Day Trip to San Gimignano

Jeff on the road to San Gimignano Jeff on the road to San Gimignano

We took off for San Gimignano around 11 AM, driving through Castellina in Chianti and then Poggibonsi. The road was beautiful, and we stopped 5 minutes out of Castellina in Chianti to take in the view and take a few photos.

Jeff looking out at the pretty view.

Me on the road to San Gimignano Tuscan countryside

Me at the same panorama.

And one of the hills without either of us.

Tuscan countryside Towers of San Gimignano

More of the same. It's so beautiful you just want to keep taking more pictures.

Arriving in San Gimignano about an hour after we left, we found a parking space - not easy - and got out of the car. This is a place where even the view from the parking lot is spectacular.

Jeff at entrance wall San Gimignano towers

A two minute walk took us to just outside the town walls.

Once inside the walls, one could see scenes like this. The towers were scattered all over town. Ostensibly they were used as lookouts, but we heard there were lots of rivalries among the town's families over who had the biggest tower. The more things change...

Piazza in San Gimignano Piazza in San Gimignano

One of the town's main piazzas, situated in front of the church.

The same piazza.

Lion detail on wall Piazza alla Cisterna

Detail from one of the buildings in the same piazza.

San Gimignano's main piazza is Piazza alla Cisterna, centered around an ancient well.

Street scene Staircase

A typical street scene in San Gimignano.

A pretty, quiet brick staircase leading into a house.

Ticket for pinocoteca and tower climb Beautiful frescoes in the loggia outisde the pinocoteca

We bought tickets to see the small museum (pinocoteca). Admission also included the option of climbing up the town's tallest tower - 218 steps. We visited the museum and decided to go for the big view.

At the entrance to the museum is a loggia, painted beautifully with frescoes.

Frescoes in pinocoteca loggia House with a tower

Another view of the frescoes in the loggia.

View of a house with a tower, taken outside the loggia.

View from partway up the tower Bell atop the tower

We started our climb. Views were good even from partway up the tower.

When we reached the top, there was a big bell.

Town view from 218 steps up Town view from atop tower

San Gimignano from 218 steps up.

Another picture of the town from atop the tower.

San Gimignano and surrounding countryside Simon

San Gimignano with surrounding Tuscan countryside.

We met Simon, a German kid who had also climbed all 218 steps.

San Gimignano and surrounding countryside San Gimignano and surrounding countryside

The towers, the town, and the Tuscan hills.

Another one of San Gimignano and the surrounding countryside.

Sarah Me, at the top of the tower

We also met Sarah, Simon's sister, at the top.

Me, after making it to the top of the tower.

Surrounding countryside View of the town with a pretty garden

More of the surrounding countryside.

A view of the town, including a pretty garden.

A park in San Gimignano Simon and family

A park in San Gimingano.

Simon, Sarah, and Mom.

Me and Panorama

A shot of me with the Tuscan panorama behind me.

Me and Panorama

Another shot of me, at the top of the tower.

Piazza alla Cisterna Jeff in the Piazza

We made our way down the tower, and spent a few minutes hanging out in Piazza alla Cisterna.

Jeff at Piazza alla Cisterna.

Panoramic view Jeff looking out on the view

We stopped to take in one more paroramic view before leaving San Gimignano.

Jeff, having a look at the view.

Torture Museum

Our final stop in San Gimignano was the Museo della Tortura, a collection of all sorts of interesting devices gathered from over the years.

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