Walking around Rome: Piazza Navona and the Pantheon

Castel Sant' Angelo Where to?

Our flat in Roma was located two blocks from St. Peter's, so any walk across the Tiber started with a walk past St. Peter's square and past huge Castel Sant' Angelo.

Getting our bearings for our first walk in Rome.

Piazza Navona fountain Lilli

We made our way through narrow shopping streets to Piazza Navona. I particularly liked some of the sculptures in the fountain there.

Lilli, enjoying her first day in Rome at Piazza Navona.

Obelisk, Piazza Navona Live entertainment

Obelisk in the center of the piazza.

Piazza Navona was fully of street entertainers that day. There were lots of musicians and this mime dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

Piazza Navona pizza It's sooo big

Restaurants flank the piazza, and we stopped at one so Dan and Renee could have a bite to eat. (They hadn't had a meal since breakfast on their flight.) They scored the first pizza of their trip.

Renee was amazed at the size of it.

Beautiful buildings around the Piazza Dan and Renee at fountain near Pantheon

Some of the beautiful buildings that sit on Piazza Navona.

Dan and Renee sitting in front of a fountain at Piazza Navona at dusk.

The Pantheon Pantheon Piazza

From Piazza Navona, it's only a short walk to the Pantheon, one of the most beautiful spots in Rome. The Pantheon, a huge second century antiquity in nearly perfect condition, was a temple dedicated to all the gods.

Piazza that fronts the Pantheon.

Pantheon Piazza fountain First gelato of the trip

Close up of statuary in the Pantheon fountain.

We found a great gelateria about a block from the Pantheon. Dan and Renne enjoyed their first gelato of the trip. (Jeff and I were likely in double digits on gelato by this point.)

Free milk and yogurt

After the gelato, Dan, Renee, and Jeff returned to the flat, while Lilli and I walked around Rome looking for dinner. We ended up eating right on the Campo dei Fiori, where I had stayed in Rome on my last visit there 12 years prior. As we walked home, around 11, there was much ado in front of one of the buildings we passed by. Turns out one of the museums was offering free admission, and a truck had pulled by to give out free milk and yogurt to anyone who wanted it.

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