A Tour of the Baths of Diocletian

Renee on the metro Piazza della Republica

The weather in Rome was sultry, about 80 degrees and humid. We walked to the subway station, about six blocks from our flat, and took an un-airconditioned train to the Baths of Diocletian. Renee, above, was feeling the heat after the 10 minute ride.

The subway lets you up at pretty Piazza della Republica, on which the Baths of Diocletian are located.

Baths of Diocletian entrance Sacristy wall

The Baths of Diocletian are a huge complex, covering maybe four city blocks. In Roman times, they served thousands of people every day. There are two entrances: one facing the Piazza della Republica, and the other at the back end of the baths. The Piazza side of the baths was turned into a Basilica in the sixteenth century, with Michelangelo as the architect. Above, the entrance to the Basilica.

You can visit the sacristy, which gives you a good feel for what the walls of the baths looked like in Roman times.

Sacristy wall Lilli takes a rest

Another view of sacristy walls.

Lilli, resting in the sacristy.

Grounds around the baths Urn

The rear side of the Baths of Diocletian hosts the Museo Nazionale Romano, an interesting, medium-sized visit of Roman sculpture and fragments. As we walked to the museum entrance, we could see that the part of the baths between the Basilica and the museum was in need of restoration - fenced in and overgrown.

Giant urn in front of the baths.

Outside wall Museum entrance

Another view of the baths, taken while walking between the Basilica and the museum entrance.

Sculpture garden at museum entrance.

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