Rome: Our Arrival and Our Flat at Borgo Pio 76

Autostrada ticket Arrival at Hertz at Rome airport

Friday morning, after a great send-off breakfast, we headed towards Siena, then east towards the A1 autostrada. After about four hours, we were back at Rome Airport...

...where we returned our well-used Renault Scenic. We then set off to do a couple of errands at the airport before catching a cab into Rome to meet Jeff's brother Dan and his wife Renee in the flat they had rented for the next week.

Arrival at Hertz at Rome airport Meeting with Lilli

Me, upon arrival at Rome Airport.

To our surprise, Jeff ran into our friend and flat-mate Lilli, who was supposed to be travelling by train down to Rome from Brussels, arriving Saturday or Sunday, but unbeknownst to us had bought a plane ticket. She arrived at Rome Airport about the same time we did. What a fun chance meeting!

Lilli and Jeff Jeff, Renee, and Dan in front of the flat

Jeff and Lilli in front of the Tabacchi store, which carried the item I was looking for; I needed an extra suitcase so I could drag all the Tuscan and Umbrian delicacies I had purchased home.

Arriving at our flat in Rome at Borgo Pio 76, we met up with Dan and Renee.

Italian Remember Borgo Pio

The flat, just a couple of blocks from St. Peter's, sits on a street with dozens of souvenir shops. I liked the one next door to the flat, named "Italian Remember."

Street scene, Borgo Pio.

Victor Victor

A store in the shopping district nearby the flat.

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