Walking around San Zacarias in Venice

Bridge of Sighs Building detail

We headed over towards the Piazza San Marco for a walk in the neighborhood just beyond there. It was a very foggy day. We walked past the Bridge of Sighs behind San Marco.

Detail of one of the buildings in the neighborhood.

Marco Polo San Zacarias

Travel agency named after one of Venice favorite sons.

One of my Mom's doctors had told her to look for this gem of a church called San Zacarias. The church and the surrounding piazza turned out to be quite beautiful.

Church detail Della Robbia

Detail from the church.

A little Della Robbia in the entranceway to one of the building's on piazza in front of the church.

Building detail Palazzo

Detail from another one of the buildings in the piazza in front of the church.

A beautiful palazzo in the vicinity of San Zacarias.

Canal in the fog

Canal in the fog.

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