The Neighborhood around the Europa e Regina

Gondolas and Santa Maria della Salute Santa Maria della Salute

Our hotel, the Europa e Regina, is located just up the Grand Canal from the Piazza San Marco. We had a room with a canal view. It was fun to sit by the window and watch the boats go by: gondolas full of Japanese tourists, vaporetti (water busses), taxis, and all sorts of commercial boats. Across the canal from the hotel is a huge baroque church, Santa Maria della Salute.

Full view of Santa Maria della Salute taken from our hotel room.

Ca' Genovese San Giorgio Maggiore

Down the canal from Santa Maria della Salute were all sorts of beautiful buildings. Pictured here: Ca' Genovese, a mock gothic palace built in 1892.

Looking down the Grand Canal (towards San Marco), we could see the huge church San Giorgio Maggiore. It completely disappeared when it got foggy.

Vaporetto and Dogana di Mare Hotel room

Next to Santa Maria della Salute sits the Dogana di Mare, the old customs post. The bronze orb atop it is quite striking. We went over to have a look; unfortunately, the Dogana di Mare has fallen into serious disrepair. The boat in the foreground is a vaporetto.

Our hotel room was like a little art gallery - pictures everywhere.

Hotel bathroom Hotel from Santa Maria della Salute

The bath was also quite beautiful.

Picture of the hotel taken from a vaporetto.

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