A Walk arount the the Rialto Bridge and Dorsoduro

San Silvestro Alley Grand Canal Near San Silvestro

We took a vaporetto to San Silvestro, a stop near the Rialto Bridge, for a walk around the neighborhood near the Rialto Markets. Here's an alley scene near San Silvestro.

Along the Grand Canal in the same area.

Street near Rialto Mom in alley

There are many beauiful, quiet alleys in the neighborhood.

Mom in alleyway, with a restaurant that sits aside the Grand Canal in the background.

Rialto Bridge and Grand Canal Restaurant near Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge, with nearby buildings lining the Grand Canal. I thought it was one of the prettiest parts of Venice.

In the neighborhood near the Rialto Brdge, the walk along the Canal is lined with restaurants like this one.

Rialto Bridge and Grand Canal Fishmonger at Rialto markets

Another picture of the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal.

Heading towards the Rialto Markets, which are next to the bridge, we saw all sorts of vendors. A fishmonger...

Vegetables at Rialto markets Street scene at Rialto markets

...and beautifully displayed vegetables.

The market was packed full of people the day we went, both tourists and locals doing their shopping.

Apartment window Santa Maria della Salute

A prettily decorated apartment window near the Rialto Markets.

Continuing with our tour, we took a vaporetto back to Dorsoduro, the neighborhood right across the Grand Canal from our hotel. We wanted to get a close up look at the big church, Santa Maria della Salute, that we could see from our hotel room window.

Mom in Dorsoduro Santa Maria Della Salute detail

Mom enjoying herself.

Detail of Santa Maria della Salute.

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