Perugia, Italy

Perugia from Piazza Italia Perugia from Piazza Italia

Our hotel in Perugia was very close to one of the highest points in town, the Piazza Italia. From this piazza, you can look out over the Umbrian countryside. It's a great spot to take photos, especially at sunset.

Perugia at sunset.

Perugia sunset Perugia Piazza IV Novembre

Another sunset shot.

To the other side of our hotel was a major walking street that lead to the Piazza IV November, one of the focal points of the city.

Building detail Perugia street scene

I liked the madonna placed over this jewelry store.

Typical street scene in hilly Perugia.

Rocca Paolina entrance Basilica of St. Francis

The Rocca Paolina was a huge fortress built by the pope in the 1500's. To suppress the Perugian people, he tore up the most elegant houses atop a huge hill and built this immense combination fortress/prison. The Perugians finally freed themselves from papal rule in the 1800's.

In our adventures, we drove past Assisi. Here's a good view of the Basilica of St. Francis from the road.

Assisi Assisi

A view of most of Assisi.

One more, just to give a little perspective of the size of the town in relationship to the hill upon which it sits.

Sant' Egidio Airport

We flew out of this cute little airport, Sant' Egidio. It's one of the few I've been in that offered free parking.

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