Deruta, Italy

Deruta building detail Deruta alimentari

Ceramic tiles on a building in the old part of Deruta.

Window display in an alimentari in Deruta.

Deruta majolica crucifix Deruta crucifix

The church in Deruta has a beautiful ceramic crucifix mounted on the side. Unfortunately, the church was not open so we could not see what treasures there were inside.

Closer view of the crucifix.

Deruta view Deruta street scene

We visited the ceramics museum, which has displays of ceramics made over the past 800 years. From the museum, there's a beautiful view.

Street scene in Deruta.

Deruta ceramics shop Deruta wall detail

A ceramics shop, with a lot of the wares displayed out front.

The wall from the ceramics shop.

Deruta shop Deruta from the highway

Yet another ceramics shop. There were about 20 shops in the old part of Deruta, and dozens more in the new part of the town below the hill town, adjacent to the highway.

The hill town of Deruta, as seen from the road through the new part of town.

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