Burano, Italy

Burano canal Mom and Canal

This canal runs through the main street of Burano.

Burano, like Venice, has canals running through it. Here's Mom on one of the bridges over Burano's main canal.

Burano seafood restaurant Burano gelateria

We had an excellent seafood lunch at this restaurant in Burano's main piazza.

We saw this fun gelateria after lunch but did not stop in for a taste.

Burano kids store Burano canal

Burano's commercial district.

Another picture of Burano's pretty canals.

Burano canal Burano sea outlet

And another.

This canal goes all the way out into the lagoon.

Burano courtyard Burano house

Typical Burano neighborhood.

Some of the houses on Burano, like this one, were charming.

Burano lion

Detail from front of house.

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