ALC 6, Day 6: Lompoc to Ventura

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Route Map Part 1

The first rest stop of the day had a Pirates theme. Arrrr! I thought the folks at Rest Stop 1 put together a really creative pirate-style map of the ALC route. I liked it so much, you get to see four pictures of it! Part 1 ...

... Part 2 of the map ...

... Part 3 of the route map ...

... and Part 4.

Dale Santa Barbara Water Stop

My friend Dale at the lunch stop just on the west side of Santa Barbara. Dale and I and his friend Sandy did numerous training rides together in the spring. (Photo: Bob Katz)

In the middle of Day 6, we got to the Santa Barbara beaches, and it really felt like we were in Southern California.

Santa Barbara Water Stop Massages at Paradise Pit

Another Pretty Southern California Picture.

The unofficial rest stop in Santa Barbara is a Big Deal. About a mile shy of the stop, you start seeing these amazingly wonderful welcome signs - especially for riders from Santa Barbara but for all the ALC riders, really, Very moving to get this kind of welcome. Then you reach a big sign that says, "Welcome to Paradise Pit." You cross the street and a team of women start spraying you with aromatic mists. Then you see the massage tables (above), with five or six masseurs doing their thing to help out tired riders.

Paradise Pit Ginger Swirl

At Paradise Pit, they serve homemade ice cream and cookies. Delicious! Thank you Santa Barbara! You made my Day 6!

Ginger Brewlay at Paradise Pit.

Ginger Swirl In the Navy

Another picture of Ginger, aka Ginger Swirl.

Last rest stop of the day. We reached it after passing several Southern California military bases. Was this ride just a clever ruse to whip a bunch of couch potatoes into shape, then induct a bunch of newly physically fit men and women into the Navy? ...

In the Rest Stop

... Not really ... Don't ask, don't tell ...

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