ALC 6, Day 4: Paso Robles to Santa Maria

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Top of Evil Twins Halfway

Day 4 starts with a long climb over Highway 46, one of the most beautiful roads I've ever ridden my bike on. The road takes you from Paso Robles out to the coast just north of Morro Bay. The hills on Highway 46 are known by the riders as the Evil Twins and reach an elevation of over 1,700 feet. (Photo: Bob Katz)

At the top of the Evil Twins is a rest stop that is designated as the point of the ride that is half way to LA, although it is actually a little farther than half way. It is ALC tradition to stand on a rock, lift one's bicycle over one's head, and get one's picture taken. Who am I to quibble with tradition?

Halfway View from Halfway Point

Another shot of me at the half way point, with my trusty Trek 2300 (not to mention my spirits) uplifted.

This is the view from the "half way" rest stop. It was a glorious day, and we could see all the way out to the ocean. You can see Morro Bay on the right side of this photo. (Photo: Bob Katz)

Coast Highway

After climbing the Evil Twins, we were treated to a marvelous long descent of around 15 miles. After the descent, we turned left (south) on the Coast Highway, which would comprise the major portion (although not all) of our route for the rest of our trip.

Kids in SLO

After lunch in Morro Bay, we reached a town - I'm pretty sure, but not certain, it was San Luis Obispo - and were greeted with a whole bunch of kids cheering us on with signs. It was a total surprise and one of the biggest thrills I had during the ride.

Kids in SLO Kids in SLO

I really got into it - turned around, got off my bike, and exchanged high fives with some of the kids ...

... and had my picture taken with them. The guys at that school really gave me a lift!

Santa Maria Camp

Camp in Santa Maria at the end of Day 4. (Photo: Bob Katz)

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