Through the Locks with a Panamax Ship 

On the return portion of our cruise through the Canal, a huge ship, the Olympian Highway, joined us. Because of the traffic in the Canal at that time, we would be sharing a lock chamber with this "Panamax" ship, so called because it was built to a specification such that it's the largest size ship that can fit through the Panama Canal.
As the Olympian Highway got closer to us in the lock chamber, we all wanted to pose in front of it.
Now it's right behind us in the lock chamber.

Joe, Keith, and Olympian Highway.  

And me.
A big tugboat accompanied the Olympian Highway through the lock.
Now we're going down as the water empties out of the lock chamber.
The Olympian Highway was tethered to four locomotive engines, which controlled the big ship's progress through the lock.
As the water lowered, the chamber wall got closer and closer to the big ship.
Olympian Highway with tug and all four locomotives.
Lock control building at Pedro Miguel locks.
Tight fit as big boy progresses through the lock.
Close up of one of the powerful locomotives that guide big ships through the locks.
There's a tourist center at the locks where people can come from Panama City to watch the action. It's much more exciting when you're in the lock, though.
On to Miraflores...
Big boy in the Miraflores lock.
And one more shot.