A Tour of the Former Canal Zone 

We started our tour of the former Canal Zone with a trip out to an island in the Bay of Panama that's at the entrance to the Canal. A causeway takes you from mainland Panama City to the island. They're building a big resort here, and hope that cruise ships will dock here and have a stay in Panama City, instead of just going through the Canal, as they do now.
There's a lovely walk down the east side of the Canal here. Although it was very hot that day (around 90, with high humidity), we walked partway... 
...to get a good view of the Bridge of the Americas. You can just barely see it in the background. This beautiful bridge marks the south entrance to the Canal and is part of the Pan American Highway.

Joe and Keith on our causeway walk. 

The other side of the causeway gives you a nice view of Panama City across the Bay of Panama 
We drove through the former zone to the artisans' center. The primary souvenirs are called molas, which is a design sewn on a piece of cloth. They're made by hand by the Guaymi Indians.
I bought a few molas in this booth. 
Bronze plaque at the entrance to the artisans' center.
Booths at the artisans' center.
And two happy niņas.
Baudilio (our cab driver), Joe, with one of his purchases, and Keith.
We drove up to the Canal's administration building, which is on a hill overlooking the Canal. From the hill, you can see a monument to Goethals, the chief engineer for the Panama Canal during its construction.
Another view of the Goethals monument, with the Bridge of the Americas in the background.
This is the Canal's administration building. Note the flag of Panama on the hill in the background. The U.S. flag flew here until last year, when the Canal was turned over to Panama. The hill is a high one, and the flag can be seen from all over the city. It was a real bone of contention to have the American flag flying from such a visible place for all those years.