Keith and Terry's House 

After arriving in Boquete, Keith took us up to his new house. I had seen pictures, but they didn't really prepare me for how spectacularly beautiful it was.

From their deck, they have a great view of acres of coffee plantation.

Impatiens grows everywhere in Boquete, including along the side of the hill just off the entrance to the house.
The kitchen is marvelous, an open space off of the living room and dining room.

The view from the hallway on the second floor of the house. Notice that the entire side of the house is windows that looks out onto the coffee plantation.  

Another view from the second floor hallway.
Keith and Terry put a nice bench at the house's entrance.
Yet another view from the second floor hallway.
From the balcony, you get a good view of Volcan Baru.
Keith and Terry had all their closets custom built. They all have slotted doors as shown here to help maximize air circulation.
The dining room.
Front entrance.