Visiting Old and New Friends at the Coffee Estate Inn

On our first day in Boquete, we stopped by The Coffee Estate Inn. It's owned by Keith and Terry's friends Barry and Jane. We stayed there on our last visit to Boquete.

This is the view from the path that leads from Barry and Jane's house to the bungalows.

Jane has started roasting her own coffee since we last visited. She treated us to some - delicious!
One of the bedrooms at the inn.

The red berry is the fruit of a coffee plant. The coffee beans start to ripen around the end of November, so we saw a lot of the mature coffee beans.

Living room in one of the bungalows.
Another view of the same living room.
This tree growing on Barry and Jane's property has two species of orchids growing on it.
Joe and Keith's friend Carlos Ivan sitting on Barry and Jane's porch, with the mountains in the background.
Another picture from the porch, with Keith, Joe, me, and Carlos Ivan.