Casco Viejo - The Old Part of Panama City 

Our cab driver, Baudilio, let us off at the French Embassy, which is right on the water. Right next to it is a monument with a rooster on top of it. We have no idea of what it was or why the rooster.
We started with a walk along the water. Casco Viejo is across the Bay of Panama from downtown Panama City. You can see the skyline in the background.
The streets in Casco Viejo reminded me of New Orleans. 

We came upon a ruin of an old hotel during our walk along the bay. 

The ruin had pretty flowers coming out of it.
More of the ruin.
Probably a swimming pool or bath among the ruins.
We stopped to rest in St. Francis Church. The church had this beautiful mosaic behind the altar.
View looking out the door of the church into Casco Viejo.
Across the street from the church is a beautiful plaza. One of the buildings fronting the plaza is the Hotel Columbia, which is in the process of being restored.
Another building fronting the plaza.
We needed a bathroom break, and stopped at this grand looking building, also within a block or two the St. Francis. It turned out to be the National Theatre.
They let us in for $1 each, both to use the facilities and then have a look around. The offices of the theatre were full of pictures of stars who had performed there.
This is what the inside of the theatre looked like. Quite grand!
Another Casco Viejo street scene.
This elegant church, named La Merced, was one of my favorite buildings in all of Panama. Unfortunately, it was closed so we didn't get to have a look inside.