We started our walk in the Rocks, which is the oldest urban neighborhood of Sydney. We found this Settler's Monument with cutouts, which were fun to pose in.
More silliness at the Settler's Monument.
The walk around the Rocks took us to the area in front of the base of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
There were the usual great views right next to the bridge, all about a 15 minute walk from the Quay West.
Just to the right of the bridge is a small overlook on which cannons were placed when Sydney was first settled.
Detail from one of the cannons.
Overlook from behind the cannons.
There's a small dock in front of the Park Hyatt Hotel, which is almost at the tip of the Rocks. I'm not sure if the ship pictured is a replica or the original Bounty.
There were gulls all over Sydney; I thought these two were the sweetest.
Our walking tour took us to the entrance to the Police Museum. We thought it would be fun to go, but unfortunately it was closed. We might take it in on the weekend - it's open Saturdays only.
Restaurant in the tony neighborhood just to the south of the Opera House. We walked past some very fancy shops, restaurants, and apartment houses.
South entrance to the Sydney Opera House, with a beautiful fountain in front of it.
South entrance to the Opera House.