The SkyRail had two intermediate stations where you can get out and have a look.
Gondolas in the rain forest.
At the top of SkyRail is a tourist trap town called Kuranda, which features an outdoor market that's hokey but still fun.
You can buy cooked bugs at the market.
This was the closest I got to a crocodile during my time in Australia.
Lizzi and Toni's puppet show has been a running act at the market since 1998. You can sneak behind the blue door and watch the two girls singing and making up the puppets lines.
St. Saviour's Church in Kuranda.
On the way back, I stopped at the second gondola station to take a look at the Barron River Falls. They are spectacular, and made the SkyRail trip worthwhile for me.
Another vew of the falls.
Yet again.
The gondola ride offers great views of the Barron River gorge.
One of the gondola stations.
Looking south to Cairns on the ride down.
The beautiful Queensland sea.