The show was at the new Olympic Park. Sydney built an extension to their rail system to go out to the new park. Unlike the rest of the system, which could use an update, the Olympic Park station is impressive: shiny and new.
I caught Wes and Tom coming up the escalator.
We grabbed a bite to eat at the Outback BBQ. I feasted on barbecued lobster for about $10 US, and it was one of the best meals I had on the entire trip.
Right outside the Outback BBQ was an exhibit for the Royal Defense Force. We went in to have a look.
This benign looking jungle thing came to life when I touched him and scared the living daylights out of me. Wes and Tom laughed their a**es off.
"Hartmann" represented the Australian Army ably.
This is what they call cotton candy in Australia.
The food pavilion was interesting.
Nice picture of Wes and Tom in front of the Ferris Wheel.
One of the Olympic Stadiums, where they were holding an auto stunt show.
The Royal Easter Fair also featured a dog show. Woof!
Heading back to the hotel after a fun night at the Royal Easter Show.