The entrance to the Royal Botanic Gardens is just to the east of the Opera House.
This is the first sign you see upon entering the garden. I instantly felt welcomed. What a pleasure to visit a place with this sort of attitude.
We were starting to get a little tired after walking all morning, so we took a tram ride through the garden grounds.
Typical scene from the tram.
We got of the tram at the next to the last stop to walk around a little and to have lunch. The bird pictured here dive bombed me as I was trying to take its picture.
I had to try some close ups of flowers.
Another attempt...
Since the gardens are just to the east of the Opera House, the views from the hillsides of the gardens take in the famous landmarks of Sydney Harbour.
Another view from the hillside.
We located the Garden Restaurant, where we sat down for lunch in an open air restaurant. It was great to enjoy lunch out in the open in this beautiful setting.