Most of the pictures on this page are from the living room of our suite at the Quay West. Sydney Opera House, with the Museum of Contemporary Art in the foreground.
The neighborhood on the left with all the office buildings is North Sydney. Sydney Harbour Bridge, the world's longest single span arch bridge is on the right.
The neighborhood in the foreground is called The Rocks, Sydney's oldest urban neighborhood. Sydney Harbour Bridge is in the background.
Our nice little kitchen.
Detail from our kitchen.
More of the Rocks and the Bridge. I just couldn't get enough of the view.
Sydney Harbour, with the Opera House and the Rocks.
The view from our dining room table. I could get real used to this!
After a good night's sleep, we went up to the 24th floor to look at the gym and the sun deck. You could see Sydney Harbour from the sun deck.
Again, from the sun deck.
The gym had a nice view of downtown Sydney. And an even nicer view with Wes and Tom framing it.
Nighttime view of the Sydney skyline from the gym
Another nighttime picture, this time of Sydney Harbour