The jet catamaran that took us to Manly.
Arriving at Manly Wharf.
Street scene in Manly.
The shoreline at Manly Beach.
Tom and Wes at the beach.
Me with Wes at the same spot.
And Tom...
And Wes...
A residence house at the seashore, next to the surf pavilion, where the lifeguards hang out.
We came across this group of North Koreans having lunch at the seashore. They were holding little pieces of food up for the sea gulls, and the gulls would hover over their outstretched arms for a moment before snatching the food.
Shopping street in Manly.  g
The Manly Municipal Council building. I thought it was particularly beautiful in the way it was framed by the two large trees.
Heading home, we saw all sorts of watercraft in Sydney Harbour. This is a water taxi.
There were lots of windsurfers in the Harbour. They had different country names on their sails; it appeared to be some sort of international competition.
The Opera House greeted us as we arrived at our home port.