I rented a car for some day trips around Turtle Cove. It was my first time driving on the left side of the road.
About ten minutes into our drive to Cairns, Tom and I stopped to take pictures at the pretty lookout (and for me to catch my breath after pulling out onto the main road into the right lane).
I did great driving the rest of the way after the initial mishap. We made it safely into Cairns in about 45 minutes, despite the many traffic circles on the way. 

Cairns is a big center for Japanese tourism. Many of the businesses downtown posted signs in Japanese and English.

A nice shopping street in Cairns.
Cairns itself is not very picturesque except for the harbor, which is gorgeous. There are mountains on both sides.
Boats in Cairns Harbor.
There's a pretty nice shopping center just north of Cairns Harbor. Tom and I went in to look at the shops and to have a bite to eat. 

Tom was served one of the biggest plates of fried fish  and chips either of us had ever seen! 

I gorged myself on grilled reef trout and Caesar salad.
There was a branch of the chain restaurant Johnny Rocket's in the mall. When we walked by, the waiters were lip-synching and dancing for the customers.
Tom camps it up in the mall. (He has a picture of me in front of the same poster!)
Port Douglas was about 15 miles north of Turtle Cove. I went there for lunch the day after we went to Cairns. It's a beautiful little town with  a lot more charm than Cairns in my opinion.
I had lunch at the Goanna Bar in Port Douglas. Very fun restaurant with very good fun, especially the passion fruit tart.

Passion fruit was a newly acquired taste for me on this trip. They served it on the breakfast buffet at Turtle Cove. I really liked it and will definitely be keeping an eye out for it in the U.S.