How to Make a Macromedia Director Movie into a Screen Saver

  1. If you don't already have a movie script, create one by closing all script windows and selecting the menu option Window/Script. If you already have a movie script, open it. Enter the following three scripts:

    on startmovie
    global gMouseH, gMouseV
    cursor 200
    put the mouseV into gMouseV
    put the mouseH into gMouseH
    set the keyDownScript = "checkForKey"
    set the mouseDownScript = "if the mouseDown then quit"
    end startmovie
    on checkForKey
    if the key = the key then quit
    end checkForKey
    on trackMouse
    global gMouseH, gMouseV
    if gMouseH <> the mouseH then quit
    if gMouseV <> the mouseV then quit
    end trackMouse

  2. To ensure that the projector reacts immediately to mouse movement, put the following script in every frame of your movie:

    on exitFrame

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